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We've compiled sale information on recent auction's in northwest Ohio and we provide it to you so that you don't have to spend your time in research and entering data.  Check out our current list of auction sales below and let us know which sales interest you.  We also offer discounts on purchases of multiple sales!

Simply SEND US A REQUEST IN THE FORM BELOW and tell us which sales interest you.  We will then reply with the fee and you can then send a check to:   Pfeiffer Appraisal Service, LLC  @ 1867 N Benton Carroll Rd. Oak Harbor, OH 43449.  Once we receive payment, we will send the sales to the email address you provided in your request.  We can send sales in .pdf , .jpg, or .uaar formats.  Give it a try! 

Your request was sent successfully to Pfeiffer Appraisal Service!

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